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🟩 GreenBricks Building of the Week 🟩 Ebury Edge

Start-up green

Part of the regeneration of Westminster’s oldest council estate, Ebury Edge was delivered from concept design to completion in 2 months. The colourful timber-clad terrace provides community for creative start-ups.


London, UK

🏢Building Details

  • “Meanwhile-use” project (2020-2024) while surrounding area is regenerated

  • 5,400 sq. ft. temporary development: 2-storey affordable workspace, café + community centre

  • Workspaces (from 130 sq. ft.) sized to provide affordable foothold for small local businesses

  • Winner of Community Prize, New London Awards 2021

👷🏾‍♀️Contractor & Manager

✍️Architects & Engineers


  • 100% electric – air heat source pump provides heating and cooling

  • Innovative demountable timber superstructure: can be adapted and re-deployed after use in 2025

  • Lightweight structure, including suspended timber ground floor, requires minimal foundations: reducing embodied energy

  • Includes rainwater attenuation + water storage system

🥦 Wellbeing

  • Worked closely with key stakeholders to establish brief: local homeless charity + community garden interviewed to fulfil all requirements

  • Scaffold trellis and elevated planting deck places gardening at the heart of the scheme

  • Community hall and café in central core creates plenty of social space

  • Space allocated to companies with clear social and community benefit; prioritising locals

🎈Bonus feature

Catering social enterprise Fat Maceys have been secured as café anchor tenant. Providing training for homeless people is the core of their business model. They have provided 36,000 hours of work experience, earned £35,000 in housing deposits, and supported 33 trainees. Making “meanwhile” meaningful.

🔗 Check it out

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