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🟩 GreenBricks Building of the Week 🟩 EDGE Suedkreuz

Treehouse green

Characterised by its atrium of flying staircases and tree trunk-like columns, EDGE Suedkreuz is a lightweight, feel-good workspace.


🏢Building Details

  • 32,000 sq m

  • Made up of 2 freestanding 7-storey buildings: named Solitaire + Carré

  • Completed Q2 2022 – new HQ for Vattenfall

👷🏾‍♀️Developer & Contractor

✍️Architects & Engineers


  • DGNB Platinum rating (95.4%) = Germany’s most sustainable building

  • Super lightweight structure: modular wood-hybrid system made of timber-concrete slabs + glulam façade columns = weight reduced by 50% + up to 80% of CO2 per sq m saved

  • Approximately 1,200 FSC-certified spruce trees used in construction: wood has a high heat-storage capacity reducing energy for internal heating

  • Smart controls automatically regulate air quality, light and temperature to enable optimal working conditions + energy saving

🥦 Wellbeing

  • WELL V2 Core & Shell Gold

  • 85 ft central atrium features 4 large tree trunk-like columns: supporting a network of staircases + recreational walkways creating the feeling of being in treehouse

  • Flexible modular floor plans with lack of load-bearing interior walls = easily adaptable for tenants

  • Promotes activity-based working: communication-enhancing open spaces + retreats for focus + meeting rooms for teamwork

  • 5th floor sky lounge with panoramic windows + large outdoor terrace

🎈Bonus feature

It is Germany’s first project to have 100% of its building materials recorded in the Madaster material database: a passport for materials making it easy to reuse + recycle components. Plus, its modular construction means dismantling will be as efficient as construction.

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