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🟩 GreenBricks Building of the Week 🟩 Magasin X

Desirable green

Sweden’s largest wooden office building – Magasin X – initially designed in steel and concrete. But luckily, cost plans proved that changing the structure to timber wouldn’t make it much more expensive, whilst delivering bottom line environmental gains.


🏢Building Details

  • Completed Oct 2021

  • 13,000 sq m., 7-storeys

  • Office space + restaurant

👷🏾‍♀️Developer & Contractor

✍️Architects & Engineers


  • LEED Platinum

  • 4,300 m3 wood used in structure: all loadbearing structure above ground is wooden – stabilised by elevator shafts, emergency stairs in CLT + large crosses in façade

  • Wooden glulam even used in window profiles = 5.5km of aluminium avoided

  • Highly efficient systems means energy consumption is only 20 kWh/m²/year – largely produced onsite with PVs on roof + covering 40% of southern façade

  • Low carbon-façade made from Norwegian slate = durable, economically sustainable material with long service life, practically maintenance-free

🥦 Wellbeing

  • Wooden architecture brings multiple occupant benefits: improved air quality, consistent air humidity, improved acoustics

  • Neutral colour palette + exposed wooden interiors throughout = calming, warm environment

  • Rational + open-plan internal layout – offering a variety of working environments + future flexibility

  • Public realm regeneration: the site was formerly an uninspiring carpark for Uppsala Central Station

🎈Bonus feature

Anna Denell from the client team commented: “Magasin X was fully leased 2 years before the building was completed – something we’ve never seen in any of our projects. Many of the tenants chose to move in because of the use of wood and the feeling it gives”. Meanwhile, it also boasts the highest rents in the city – good for people, good for business.

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