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🟩 GreenBricks Building of the Week 🟩 The Black & White Building

Beech green

In the midst of messy, dirty, difficult Shoreditch – London’s tallest engineered timber office building. Made from 1,774 beech, spruce and pine trees. Architecturally, a massive leap in complexity.


🏢Building Details

  • Completed January 2023

  • 6-storeys, 17.8 metres

  • Space for 28 offices

👷🏾‍♀️Developer & Contractor

✍️Architects & Engineers


  • Hybrid timber structure comprising beech LVL frame + CLT slabs and core = 37% less embodied carbon than comparable concrete structure (only 410 kgCO2e/m2)

  • BauBuche used instead of glulam = x2.9 stronger in compression + bending as beech is denser and stronger. This means columns are 350mm square compared with 450mm if it were glulam – saving valuable space

  • Frame designed to be fully demountable = parts can be reused

  • Solar shading from 2nd skin of vertical timber louvres: parametric model simulating the sun’s movement + impact against the façade determines movement of louvres

  • 80% of furniture locally sourced from UK: emphasis on London-based makers, including Kusheda Mensah + Sebastian Cox

🥦 Wellbeing

  • Flexible shared workspaces: vast open-plan spaces with no structural internal partition walls to minimise visual intrusion – layout can be easily adapted

  • Dedicated yoga + barre studio with wellness classes hosted by MANOR LONDON

  • Each floor has its own communal kitchen area and lounge – a warm homely look and feel

  • Roof terrace + storage for 94 bikes

🎈Bonus feature

Real quote from the Project Lead “The frame went up in 16 weeks with 6 men, with no concrete gang or steel fixers. We’ve had so many compliments from local businesses about the lack of noise”.

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